Auction Centre

New Year, New ideas

First of all happy new year.   2018 will see some changes for Yorkton Auction Centre, the first of those changes being the addition of a blog to our website.

I should start off by introducing myself, the one behind the keyboard and often our social media platforms.  I am Jamie.  24-year old, born and raised in the Yorkton area.

My early years were spent in Yorkton before the family moved to Foam Lake just 1 hour west of Yorkton on the Yellowhead highway.   After graduating high school the decision was simple to join the then 2-year-old family business.

My path to the auction industry

My love for auctions started before I was even in school.  I used to attend cattle auctions with my dad prior to kindergarten.  Sometimes these were long days for a little boy but this is where I learned the lingo of an auctioneer.  If you ask my mom, one of my favourite pastimes, when I wasn’t at the sale barn, was playing auctioneer.  Bring the imaginary cattle in one door, sell them, and let them out the other door. 

Now 7 years later I server as operations manager within our company and am a partner in the business with my parents. 

That’s enough about me, let me tell you about our little family business we call Yorkton Auction Centre.  Started in 2010 by my parents we have seen tremendous growth.  We now employ 5 full-time employees and as many as 30 on sale day.

We conduct 5 consignment auctions a year here at the yard site. (April, June, August, October, December).  The primary focus of these sales is ag equipment as well as industrial equipment.  We also conduct off-site farm auctions,  where we will travel to the farmer’s yard and hold the sale on their property.  This is a quick overview of what we do and I’ll share more insight into the business in a later post. 

We are coming on to blogging scene a little late, however, better late than never.  The intention of this page is to update our customers on what is happening at Yorkton Auction Centre as well as provide industry information.  The auction industry is a vast industry and we believe we can give our readers some insight.


Have any questions you’d like answered contact me directly.

Email – jamie@yorktonauctioncentre.com

Cell – 306 621 7355