How Do I Sell My Vehicle?

Congrats, You And Your Family Just Bought A New Vehicle Or At Least New To You.  Now You Are Wandering What To Do With The Old One, Well Here Are A Few Different Options To Help You Maximize Dollars.

Listing Platforms

Listing Platforms Are The Likes Of Kijiji, Facebook Marketplace, Bargain Hunter And So on.  They Are Often Easy To Use And Generally Provide Good Results For Sought After Items


    • Do it Yourself – Take Your Own Pictures, Make Your Own Description

    • Control – Through These listing Platforms, You The Seller Have Complete Control Allowing You To Set Your Asking Price As Well As Accept or Decline Any Offer. 

    • Possible Savings – These Platforms Are Generally Free to List An Item.  In The Event You Are Listing Several Items You May Be Considered A Dealer And Have To Pay A Listing Fee Per Item.  There Are No Commissions Involved, However There Is Also Not As Much Marketing. 


    • Time –  It Could Be listed For Several Months.

    • Tire Kickers – Time is Our Most Valuable Asset.  Is It Worth The Time To Entertain “Potential Buyers”

    • Financial Risks – Though We Have Come A Long Way In This Regard And People Are More Diligent In Getting Payment Before Releasing The Items, There Is Still A level Of Risk Involved. 

Pricing The Item

The Most Common Method Of Finding A Value Is The Comparable Sales Approach.   What Better Way To Find A Comparable Than Right Here On Our Website.   We Retain All Our Past Sales Info And Make It Easy To Search.  Simply Go To Past Auctions And Locate The Search Icon And Type In What Your Looking For.

More Options

Sell To A Friend

  • Maybe Your Friend Has Been After You For Quite Sometime To Purchase Your Old Vehicle.  This Can Be A Good Option And Provide You With A Quick Sale.

Sell To A Dealer

  • A Dealership Will Purchase Your Vehicle If It Meets Certain Criteria.  Take Your Used Vehicle Around To Some Local Dealerships And See How This Process Could Work, For this You Will Want To Speak With The Used Car Manager/Sales Manager Or Dealer Principal.  Again This Can Encourage A Quick Sale Process However You Will Be Likely Selling For A Lower Amount Or Liquidation Value.

Sell At Auction

  • This Avenue Will Generate The Highest Return For The Amount Of Work Involved On Your Part.   However, A Little Time Is Required And Costs Are Involved (Some Examples Of Cost: Commission, Advertising, Set Up, Removal, Clean Up).  A Benefit To Selling By Auction Is The Auction Company & Sales Rep Handles Majority Of Questions And Any “Potential Buyers”.  Fair Market Value Will Be Attained By Auction.   Learn more About Selling Your Used Vehicle With Yorkton Auction Centre.