A list of services we provide for our valued customers.  


Live or Timed auction

      – Live auctions have been a staple in the farming community and asset liquidation for years.  Live auctions bring a level of excitement that is hard to replicate any other way.  Timed auctions are a more recent development in the auction industry and are proving their value in selling your assets.  At Yorkton Auction Centre we are happy to offer you both options. 

Our site or yours

      – We at Yorkton Auction Centre chose to make a substantial investment in a long term facility just East of Yorkton.  With a 16,000sq/f building and a large lot for equipment parking we can handle any sale here on – site.  We also are mobile ready and can conduct an auction anywhere the call comes from.  With two trucks, auction toppers, cashier trailer, portable washrooms we can bring our team right to your yard and sell your equipment 

One item or the entire farm

      – Yorkton Auction Centre holds regular consignment auctions which enables customers to consign as many items as they would like to.  From one piece of machinery to an entire farm dispersal these consignment sales provide an excellent opportunity for asset liquidation. 

Farm Machinery, Heavy Equipment, Real Estate, Misc. items, and more.

Customer options

     – Consignment

     – Out – right purchase

     – Guarantee


Paul Moore – Certified personal property appraiser

An appraisal may be required for a number of reasons. Here are a few:

      Divorce Settlements 



      Succession planning 



Things we appraise:

      Heavy Equipment

      Farm machinery

      Business goods



      Personal goods