Please Ensure You Know How This Online Auction Works And Make Yourself Aware Of Terminology Being Used, Before Placing Any Bids.  YAC Does Not Provide Any Warranties, Exchanges or Refunds.  YAC Does Not Remove Bids Placed In Error or Misunderstanding.

Terms and conditions applicable to live,online and proxy bidding.

Thank you for visiting yacauctions.com, Owned by Yorkton Auction Centre Inc., your marketplace for
buying Vehicles, Farm Equipment, Industrial Equipment, General Merchandise and so much more.
When you submit a bid you are entering into a binding agreement with Yorkton Auction Centre in which
the following terms and conditions are applicable. By submitting a Bid Yorkton Auction Centre is inclined
to believe that you have read all terms and conditions in their entirety and you as a buyer are willing to
abide by them. In order to place any bids, you must be registered with a valid email address and a valid
credit card must be attached to your account. These terms and conditions will be available for viewing at
any time through a link on our web page. Yorkton Auction Centre has the right to amend these terms
and conditions at any given time without notice.

a. All Lots are subject to a buyers fee of 10% with a max of $200 per lotted item
b. Payment by credit card is subject to a 3% fee.
c. Storage Fees are applicable if purchases are not removed within 7 Days. The storage
rates are set by Yorkton Auction Centre. If arrangements are made for a delayed pick
up, no fees will be applied.

2. Conditions
a. All descriptions are a guide only, Yorkton Auction Centre makes no guarantees as to the
condition of any given item. Please visit the auction yard or send someone on your
behalf to inspect the asset and satisfy yourself to its condition.
b. At Yorkton Auction Centre we do our very best to picture and describe the items in a fair
and transparent manner.
c. All items are sold as is where is.
d. Yorkton Auction Centre will not honor “mistakes”
e. No sale will be deemed null and void or refunded based on defect or inaccuracy in the
listing. All listings are considered a guide only based on information provided by the
consignor and information gathered from sources Yorkton Auction Centre trusts to be
reliable, however Yorkton Auction Centre can not guarantee their accuracy.

3. Lots
a. Yorkton Auction Centre Reserves the right to add or delete items at any given time before
and during the auction.

4. Payment
a. By submitting a bid, you are agreeing to be financially responsible for any and all items
associated with your account.
b. Purchases must be paid for in full within Seven (7) Business Days.
c. Yorkton Auction Centre Accepts Cash, Check, Debit, Credit Card (3%), Etransfer, Wire
Transfer as method of payment.
d. Yorkton Auction Centre Does Not Automatically charge the credit card on file following a
e. Yorkton Auction Centre Reserves the right to process payment at any time, if felt
necessary, on the credit card given.
f. You may be asked to provide a letter of credit or payment authorization from your lender
or financial institution.

5. Removal
a. All Purchases are to be removed from their respective auction site within the timeline
given. Arrangements can be made for a delayed removal.
b. All purchases must be paid for in full prior to removal
c. Yorkton Auction Centre reserves the right to hold any lot for an extended period of time
as seen fit.
d. Any and all costs associated with removal will be the sole responsibility of the buyer.
e. Buyer assumes all risk involved in the removal process.
f. In the event items are not removed within 60 days, they will be considered abandoned
and resold without notice to you. Storage will be calculated and funds, if any remain, will
be dispersed accordingly.

6. Taxes
a. Yorkton Auction Centre will charge taxes where applicable at the appropriate tax rate.

7. Soft Close & Staggered close
a. All of Yorkton Auction Centres online auctions have a soft close in effect. Also referred to
as a bid extension.
i. If a lot has a bid placed within the last Tne (1) Minute of the close time, that lot
will be extended for another Two (2) Minutes. This can continue for an indefinite
amount of time until all bidding is ceased.
b. Select auctions of Yorkton Auction Centre will use a staggered close.
i. Lots will close in intervals.
ii. If an auction is using a staggered close it will be disclosed.

8. Technology
a. Yorkton Auction Centre can not guarantee the continuous operation of the web based,
and mobile app bidding platform. Our servers are subject to failure or delay beyond our
control. Yorkton Auction Centre will not be held liable for any such events.
b. Yorkton Auction Centre is aware that connection may be lost to the web based, mobile
app bidding platform. In the event your internet/mobile connection is lost, Yorkton
Auction Centre will not be held liable.

9. Pre-Authorization
a. By Registering an account with Yorkton Auction Centre you give permission to Yorkton
Auction Centre to perform a $1.00USD Pre authorization on your credit card. This is NOT
A transaction, it is simply a hold for the amount listed above. It may be held for up to 5

10. Bids
a. All bids placed are binding. You can not remove or lower bids.
b. Only under certain circumstances may Yorkton Auction Centre Remove or lower a bid.
c. Yorkton Auction Centre will not honor mistakes. Please know what and how many you
are bidding on prior to placing a bid

11. Communication
a. Yorkton Auction Centre has many different options of contact. If you have any questions
or concerns please contact our office through one of the following
i. Email – admin@yorktonauctioncentre.com
ii. Phone – 1 306 782 5999
iii. Physical visit
iv. Social Media Message – Facebook, Google
v. Text message – Paul (306 272 8311), Jamie (306 621 7355)

12. Registration
a. Yorkton Auction Centre reserves the right to revoke any registration at any time without
i. Common reasons for this, but not limited to: Failure to Pay, Failure to pick up
b. Yorkton Auction Centre reserves the right to restrict your bid limit.

We hope your bidding experience is pleasurable