Online Timed Auction:

*All vehicles are now subject to PST – No exemptions*

  • You must be registered with a valid email address and credit card before any bids can be placed.
  • All items are subject to addition or deletion at the auctioneer’s discretion.
  • All descriptions are a guide only. Auctioneer makes no guarantee as to the condition of any given item, please visit auction site or send someone on your behalf to inspect items.
  • All items are sold as is where is, No warranties are offered.
  • All lots are subject to a buyer’s fee of 10% with a max of $200 when bought online.
  • If you would like your item(s) shipped please contact our office at (306)782-5999
  • Purchases must be paid in full and removed within Four (4) days of the sale. Any Unpaid items will be charged via credit card subject to 3%
  • Any items in the yard beyond seven (7) days are subject to storage fees decided on by the auctioneer.
  • Bidders agree to be responsible for full payment of any purchases associated with the given bid number.
  • Items left beyond 60 days will be deemed abandoned and re-sold without notice.
  • For any further questions please contact our office at 306-782-5999 or email jamie@yorktonauctioncentre.com.


Live Auction: In Attendance, Online or Proxy Bid

  • A person attending the Auction must register to bid, supplying YAC with a valid Drivers License, or other picture ID, in order to be given bidding privileges at a YAC Auction. Persons not willing to abide by these terms will be denied bidding privileges at any and all YAC Auctions.
  • All items offered for sale by Auction must be inspected by the bidder, to satisfy themselves to the condition of the item, and the authenticity.
  • All sales are FINAL. There is NO recourse after the Auctioneer says SOLD. Due diligence on the bidders part, is assumed by the Auction Company, that inspection has been made, and the bidder is responsible to pay for the purchased items of the day in full before leaving premises.
  • All items are sold as is, where is, and NO warranties are implied or assumed unless specifically specified by the Auctioneer, when describing the item for immediate sale.
  • It is the responsibility of the purchaser to take possession and safeguard their purchase immediately after the Auctioneer says SOLD.
  • The Auction company or owner of the property are not responsible for mishaps or accidents on the premises, it is the responsibility of each individual to be safe and beware of safety protocol in the yard at all times. The Auction Company may ask an individual to remove themselves from dangerous or suspect areas of an auction yard or facility if deemed necessary by Auction yard personnel.
  • ALL PURCHASES ARE TO BE PAID IN FULL, ON SALE DAY. NO EXCEPTIONS. Cheques can be refused if deemed necessary by Office Staff, First-time buyers pay by cash, debit, credit card, or have bank letter to prove payment is available and must have prior approval from Auction Management in order to bid.
  • A buyers Fee of 10% up to the maximum of 250.00 per item plus applicable taxes. Bid Accordingly.