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I can't log in or reset my password on the new Website?

Make sure you are using the webpage and NOT the old mobile app!

Make sure that there is no extra spaces in your email address, specifically at the end of your email.



    1. How Do I Create An Account?

    2. How Do I Bid?

    3. How Do I Pay?

    4. What Happens After I Win An Item

    5. What If My Credit Card Expires?

    If your credit card has expired or been compromised, you can update it through /Account/Payment-Methods

    6. Can Someone Pick Up For Me?

    Yes, You can have someone else pick up your items for you. They will need to either bring your paid invoice and show it or be paying the invoice on your behalf.


1. I Am Looking To Consign An Item?

2. How Will I Get Paid?